Trusting God in prayer and discernment, the Finance Ministry Team will work to ensure effective stewardship of the church’s financial resources by encouraging prayerful financial support of the church’s missions, provide regular review of the church’s financial status, partner with Ministry teams to prepare a consolidated annual budget, advise Session in monetary policy, and work to identify and resolve financial issues that arise.

Money is one more resource that God has given us responsibility over. We maintain the value that our financial resources are a partner in ministry by utilizing them with integrity, prudence, stewardship and accountability. We seek to be led by God in the use of our finances to align with the mission and values of our church.

Our finance team is tasked with keeping the financial affairs of our community in order. Our church is funded by private donations from within our congregation. All information on giving is kept in the strictest confidence, and the amount of giving from each individual and family is not even known by our pastor. The overall church budget, which discloses total projected giving for the year without disclosing specific donators and their contributions, is available to any church member.

The group that makes up our finance team is comprised of business owners, finance and banking executives and former professionals in the financial realm. We make recommendations to the elders on Session about budget and financial matters, and work closely with our church Administrator to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the church run smoothly. For more information on the topic of finance at our church, please contact Diana Thompson.