History of CHPC


The roots of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church are as rich and unique as the mission and values we espouse. While human differences often result in division, we serve a God who unites, a value that is embodied not only in our mission, but in our very history. Our church was born of the merger of two very different bodies of believers, making for an unlikely marriage that we believe could only be brought about by God.
(Photo shows 33rd-Annual-Session-of-the-Synod-of-Washington-July 1924)

Church at the Center was a congregation founded in 1993 and attempted to be “real, relevant, and a little bit radical.” They met in a movie theater on lower Queen Anne and were marked by a style of worship that was contemporary and progressive, incorporating many elements from popular culture and drawing crowds that sought a church experience outside of the traditional norm.

Westminster Presbyterian Church, on the other hand, had a 110-year history on Capitol Hill, and was steeped in the rich tradition of their namesake canon, the Westminster Confession of Faith, the defining doctrine of Presbyterians through the ages.

Through a process of prayer and discernment, the leadership of these two churches began to sense the call to come together as one. With the support of their respective congregations, the two churches officially dissolved on Palm Sunday, 2006, and became a New Church Development the following week on Easter Sunday. In June of 2008, after two years of worshiping together and developing our new identity, we were officially chartered as Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church. We celebrate the series of events brought about by divine intervention to bring us together for this new chapter of ministry and mission.