Mission & Values

A missional community devoted to the life changing reality of Jesus Christ, growing in faith, sharing in hope, serving in love; one another, Capitol Hill, and to the ends of the earth.


The CHPC mission statement was developed as the product of much prayer and visioning from the Steering Committee, whose leadership brought us through the merger to becoming a newly chartered church. Our mission statement is manifest in a set of distinctive core values, marked by the word “devoted.”



Community – devoted to one another

We welcome anyone and everyone to come and experience life together as part of a diverse community that is about knowing and being known; loving and being loved; serving and being served. We seek to promote a healthy community through authenticity, acceptance, and sharing in truth. No one expects us to have it all together before coming to church. Rather, we help each other to grow into wholeness, and to extend our reach beyond the formal boundaries of the church to seek the same in the broken places of the world around us.

Worship – devoted to God, responding with beauty and gratitude

Seeking more than just music on a Sunday morning, we dedicate our whole selves to God, offering our lives in worship that is a creative and authentic expression of our love for our Creator. God desires to be known and commune with us throughout the week, and for us to use the gifts and abilities he has given us to express our love and gratitude toward him.

Service – devoted to serving in humility and love

We value proclamation of the good news of the gospel in word and deed, in truth and in love. Service in practical ways to those in need is an example set by Christ that we strive to follow. We love and serve because he first loved and served us, and we are blessed in order to be a blessing to others, being stewards of what we have been given and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Transformation – devoted to growing and going in truth and grace

As we listen and follow the leading of the Spirit of God, we are healed, transformed, and equipped to serve. We submit to the Spirit to empower us to live life in a new way. We come as we are, but we don’t intend to stay that way.

Personal Participation – devoted to being fully engaged

The church encourages and fosters a community that is actively participating and taking ownership in the ministry of God’s kingdom. Ministry is not a task reserved solely for those in ordained or leadership positions. The hungry and thirsty are all around us, and we are each carriers of the good news of Christ. The spiritual life is not a spectator sport!

Sharing – devoted to being relevant

The story and message of Christ holds the power of salvation for everyone in every place and at every time. We seek to share Christ in a context that allows each individual to connect the ancient words to the here and now in their daily lives. This is the task of every believer, and we engage the gospel with every aspect of our lives – spirituality, justice issues, politics, art and literature, the environment – the list goes on. We believe in engaging the whole person and the whole earth by using various media to address questions in a language people can understand.