The church is a body supported by many ligaments. We rely on the lay leaders, volunteers elected for a term, to serve the community through prayer; and by taking on the business, vision, and congregational care of our body. Elders make up the Session, the governing body of a Presbyterian church. Deacons are charged with caring for the practical needs of congregational care.

In addition to our pastoral staff, Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church is led by a group of elders, elected and ordained by the congregation to serve a 3-year term on Session, the governing body of the church. Our elders have the exciting call to meet together regularly and help discern the direction that God desires to move our church. They are responsible to exercise leadership in a variety of capacities from developing and implementing our vision for ministry as a church to forming policies that fit within our mission and values and that emphasize our ministry priorities. Session’s tasks also include overseeing the many essential administrative functions involved in running a church, such as writing the annual budget, assisting in worship, making personnel decisions, and managing usage of the property.

Once ordained, Elders are ordained for life, and serve when elected to committees or higher governing bodies of the Seattle Presbytery and to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

For more information about elders, please contact our Clerk of Session, Donna Bellinger.

The office of deacon is held by those ready to care for the church through practical means of compassionate service. At Capitol Hill Presbyterian, a board of deacons is committed to supporting Care Teams, who minister to the congregation in three key areas:

Making prayer available to any who seek it, whether it be by sharing specific requests through the prayer chain, meeting with a private prayer partner or a prayer team, or needs related to specific physical or spiritual healing.

Offering emotional, spiritual, and material support to those within our church and our neighborhood needing assistance with meals, clothing, and connecting with community resources.

Being close at hand to share in the joy of life events such as the birth of a child, and to offer comfort and support in illness, death, and seasons of difficulty.

If you wish to get involved with this ministry, please contact the church, with any questions.