Adult Discipleship  >>

The Adult Discipleship team at CHPC exists to create space for every adult to be transformed into the image of Christ by growing deeper in relationship with God and each other.

Youth  >>

Our youth and student ministries seeks to lead our youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, devoted to his teaching and his purpose in using us in the ministry of his kingdom. Our youth are not simply the future, but a vital component to the present make-up of the community of God’s people!

Small Groups  >>

Every follower of Christ needs fellowship, not just on Sunday, but also during the week. If you don’t have a person or small group you meet with regularly  for fellowship,    >>

Hospitality  >>

Our hospitality ministry intends to provide a safe, open, and user-friendly experience for those who visit us during a Sunday morning worship service or other large church gathering. We welcome everyone who walks through our doors!

Children & Families  >>

Children are an essential part of our community of faith. Discipling our kids is one of our greatest callings as followers of Christ and a core value of our church. We seek to lead our children in the way of the Lord as directed in Proverbs 22:6.

Arts  >>

Art is a genuine means of connecting with God and enjoying his beauty. We provide the space and material to join in any of our group activities. All you need to bring is your own creativity and love of art!

Coffee Talk  >>

CoffeeTalk is on hold for the fall semester. Check back with us in January for this ministry, which exists to demonstrate the love of Christ for the whole world to    >>

Union Gospel Mission  >>

CHP continues to work with UGM on various projects; such as winter blanket drives, Target gift cards for UGM teens Gifts-In-Kind programs, and Celebrate Recovery; a Christian centered support group that has    >>

Outreach  >>

Mission Statement We encourage and equip the congregation to engage in the transforming work of the Kingdom of God through mutually benefiting relationships with local and international Christ-based ministries. Neighborhood    >>

Prayer Ministries  >>

At Capitol Hill Presbyterian, we are devoted to the transformative power of prayer, both in our own lives and to effect change in our community and world. We believe that    >>