artAt CHPC we celebrate that God has given us the gift of creativity which we express in various artistic mediums through our arts ministry. We believe that God speaks through a wide array of creative abilities, including forms of art that might reach into mainstream culture and beyond artistic elements traditionally found in the church. Art is a genuine means of connecting with God and enjoying his beauty. We provide the space and material to join in any of our group activities. All you need to bring is your own creativity and love of art!

mosaic-1We curate a major multi-media gallery, soliciting visual art, writing, music and video by local artists that revolves around a central theme. To see our current call for submissions or pieces from galleries past and present, visit our Facebook page .

A piece of permanent art here at CHPC is from Robroy Chalmers, a local artist. Robroy cuts and rips bits and pieces of images from his printmaking stacks arranging them in a SWARM. You can see more of his art at Robroy.


We will also continue to contribute to church art projects as we are called.