The mission of the Youth Ministry is to help youth figure out who they are in Christ through engagement with the Bible, worship, prayer, relationships with youth and members of CHP and application of their Christian faith to real life situations.

Our youth and student ministries seeks to lead our youth to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, devoted to his teaching and his purpose in using us in the ministry of his kingdom. Our youth are not simply the future, but a vital component to the present make-up of the community of God’s people. We currently strive to engage our youth in the following key activities to plug them in as active members of the body of Christ.

. . . . .

Spiritual Growth

We spend time with the youth, both in group and individual settings, to help them explore God’s word and gain an understanding of God’s love for them and who they are in Christ.



Planned gatherings and activities for fun and fellowship are an essential element of engaging youth in the community. We have events throughout the year such as movie nights, game nights, bowling, dinners, outdoor activities, and other spontaneous fun.



Our youth are being equipped to give back their time and energy to help our community and world through a variety of mission and service projects.