Our worship services rely heavily on music, which fosters a spirit of adoration and submission before God. Music helps us enter into the dialogue between us and God that occurs when we worship, both individually and communally, where we can express words of joyful praise, gratitude, contrite submission, and assurance of God’s love and provision. We do this in the context of emphasizing a distinct quality of musicianship, while also recognizing that the band is not playing to entertain, but to lead the people into an encounter with the living God and lift up the name of Jesus Christ.

Our music style is commonly driven by electric and acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and vocals. In addition to contemporary worship music, we also rely on traditional hymns with new life breathed into them.

A unique element included in our musical worship is the weekly “special” music selection. Prior to the sermon, the band usually performs a cover of a song from mainstream culture that places that week’s scripture and topic in a different context, building a bridge between the biblical subject matter and the commonly accessible touchstone of popular music. This aligns with our belief that God values and speaks through a variety of artistic mediums, and that he shares in our joy of rocking out!

The musicians in the band take their role seriously and strive to play skillfully as well as lead the congregation effectively. We are always on the lookout for new talent, so if you are interested in playing with us, or would like to learn more about music and worship at CHPC, please contact our staff Music Director, Dwight Gilmore.