Prayer Room

In our quest to pray without ceasing, as directed in 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we have dedicated a room in our building that we periodically set aside for seasons of 24/7 prayer. At other times, this room is available as a contemplative place for individuals or groups to gather for prayer and meditation. The room includes a variety of elements inviting you to meet with God through silent reflection, reading, writing, music, artistic expression, and other elements that resonate with our belief that prayer is a form of worship and communion with our Creator that may be experienced in different ways by different people.

This may be a physical room, but it is also a shifting space that changes along with the needs of our church, community, nation, and world. It is a place to be inspired by art and emotion, a space for people to talk to and listen to and experience God in interactive ways. We hope that the Prayer Room helps people to broaden their understanding of prayer and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

During designated periods of 24/7 prayer, people have signed up to pray in this room for an hour or more at a time, around the clock for a set period of time (usually a week). They have prayed while sitting silently in the holy of holies, dancing to music, confessing to God in the confessional, and writing prayers or scriptures on the walls of the room. It is a wonderful experience to have this room occupied around the clock by praying members of God’s kingdom, and it is a powerful way to introduce someone to the unique ministry and values of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church.

To inquire about use of the prayer room, please contact the church office, or call 206-285-2282